Saturday, October 27, 2012

Portugal! Little bit about my country

Hey, today I'm here to talk a little bit about Portugal, my country. This is pictures from the capital called Lisboa , in English: Lisbon.

Now some pictures the north of the country: Porto, in English: Oporto.

And now some portuguese or with portuguese ethnicity celebrities: 

                                                                     Daniela Ruah
                                                                (Totally Portuguese)
                                                                        Nelly Furtado
                                          (Her parents are both from Ilha dos Açores, Portugal)
                                                       Bethany Mota                    
                                             (Her family is from Portugal)
Katy Perry 
(with Portuguese Ethnicity)
   Cristiano Ronaldo
   (totally Portuguese)

  Sara Sampaio
 (totally Portuguese)

So this is my country hope you liked and discovered more about Portugal a small country with a real people and with much beauty! .xx kiss

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